Saturday, August 18, 2007

8 random things

This is an 8 random thing meme that i'm taggin myself for - just cuz. I found it on My life... just pretend you're interested.

1. Some random foods I LOVE are ham and potatoes.

2. I'm afraid of walking over bridges. I can manage for the most part, but the time I tried to cross the Capilano suspension bridge when I was on a family vacation when I was 16 I froze about 8 feet out and couldn't move until my father and sister came back and escorted me back to the edge. I don't try that kind of stuff anymore! :)

3. I'm going to start blogging about losing weight. I'm hoping it will make me take it seriously.

4. I only have one week left on my maternity leave. I dread going back so I don't think about it as much as I can manage.

5. I really really want to go on a family vacation to Italy this coming spring.

6. I've always wanted to work for myself - I am beyond thrilled and not a little bit shocked that in the short time since the idea was born last April Vicky and I managed to create and build Apples'n'Oranges and launch it last week!

7. Watching Kiernan's little wobbly walk is one of the cutest things ever.

8. I think I might go to bed at 8 tonight I'm so wiped. And I need to make sure I have some energy for a final burst of activity to get ready for our preview party for Apples'n'Oranges tomorrow. We posted a contest on the blog today - go and check it out!

I'm going to tag Jenny from Snips and Snails, Jen from Sheepy the Sheep and Beyond, Vicky from Some Kind of Wondermom, Jane from Pinks and Blues Girls, Meg from Simply Nutmeg, and whoever else might like to participate. Cuz I want to be tagged in memes (it makes me feel popular :), I tag you, don't feel obligated ;)

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nutmeg said...

Thanks for the tag! I'm working on my 8 things. It's tough - I'm really boring!