Thursday, August 02, 2007

I'm melting...

This lover of a/c spent the hottest day ever (ok maybe it wasn't but it kinda felt like that ;) at the cottage sans a/c. And it was fabulous.
Kman and I spent a ton of time in the water and he LOVED it. He jumped and splashed and had a hoot. And was in a great mood considering he only napped 30 minutes all day!!
It was so much fun, I didn't have time to get any pictures! Crazy! ;)

We're leaving to go back to the cottage for almost a week on Saturday morning so there will be plenty of time for jumping and splashing with others, and mommy will get some photos then. Unless I get caught in my hammock and can't get out. :)

Summer is fun - especially at the lake.


Nuzzy said...
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Monique said...

Sounds like fun! Here we just have fog all day in the summer and especially at the almost need more sweaters this time of year than in January. :P