Friday, August 10, 2007

Contest time

I've been winning like mad lately - so I have to keep entering. If you do too, I swear, you should eventually win something too ;)
Stay tuned for some photos of some of the stuff I recently won. Until then - here are some more contest tips.

Drea is giving away a toddler backpack from Four peas The backpacks looks really great, but there's tons of fun stuff on their site, including messenger bags. so fun! :)

Mums the word
has a contest for a reversible, corduroy infant car seat cover from Rockin' Kid Shop which looks super funky. And so does their bedding. I love the bedding we got for K, but I have to admit to being drawn to funkier, less animal-y stuff now.

Both of these close tonight - so hurry over.

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