Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Random stuff - wednesday edition

Kiernan is just a few weeks shy of his first birthday! I can't believe it!

Despite all the hard times, it really has flown by.

A year ago I was home on leave sitting on my living room floor scrapbooking and watching soap operas trying to kill time before having this baby. Before having discovered mommy blogs!!

Now I'm sitting in my living room with my laptop blogging and watching Kiernan motor all over the living room... chewing on sandals, trying to get my coffee, papers, laptop, telephone, and not particularly interested in the thousands of toys that are strewn across the living room not being nearly interesting enough to play with for more than 1 second ;)

Some of the things he's been doing:

- He's walking really well now and generally only holds on if he's really tired or something seems unstable
- He's crawling! ;) He can crawl from the middle of the room to the edge of a room to stand up because he still hasn't figured out standing from sitting
- he LOVES balls. It's one of his new words. He also seems to be saying dada, mae mae (mama) and maybe bye
- He will answer the question "what does a cow say?" about 1/2 the time :)
- He's eating really well!!
- He's shy with people he doesn't know really well now and freaks out if eric or I leave the room and he sees us going.
- He really likes duplo blocks
- Those baby gates sure are coming in handy now :)

Check out this slideshow of K growing.


Nuzzy said...

Soooo, what IS his answer to the cow question !?

Amanda said...

What a cute little boy! Great blog!