Sunday, March 11, 2007

Free at last!!

Kiernan has officially outgrown the Miracle Blanket, and since they don't make it for babies over for 4 months, we had to revert to our old swaddling techniques, which, unsurprisingly haven't been working very well since the fact that they didn't work is what brought us to the Miracle Blanket in the first places.

So, we decided to see if we could wean Kiernan from the swaddle. Skeptically we have been leaving him with one arm free this weekend, and it's being going really well! In fact, he got the other arm out and one point and he slept that way for a good hour. AND we moved him from the car seat to the crib completely unswaddled and he slept for 30 minutes!!

Our hope is that this will allow him to re-sootherize himself when he wakes up in the middle of the night and eliminate a few wake ups that are just about us giving him back his soother so he can fall back to sleep. Keep your fingers crossed that it keeps working!!

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