Saturday, March 03, 2007

The miracle blanket and Kiernan - a photographic story

Step One:
Lay the blanket on a flat surface with the foot pouch at the bottom and lay baby between a
rmflaps with tops of shoulders slightly above top of blanket.

Step Two:
Fold the armflaps over the outside of your baby's arms and tuck them snuggly
under her back on each side. IMPORTANT: You should lift the baby's bottom to be sure the armflaps are flat and snug under baby's back.

Step Three:
Pull the footpocket up over the feet. NOTE: Some babys
' feet may not reach the foot pocket yet. This is okay: It will be there for them as they grow.

Step Four:
Fold the right side of the blanket over your baby's belly and tuck it under the left arm pit (her right). This flap should wrap all the way under the baby's back.

Step Five:
Wrap the left side of the blanket over the top of her belly and all the way around her un
til you run out of blanket. This is where it is important to pull the blanket snug. THE BLANKET MUST BE PULLED SNUG.

Now just in case the Miracle Blanket people find this and get all up in arms, we think its funny that they show this happily swaddled baby in their instructions and that K is so obviously displeased by the results of this process every night. And yet, without it, we would never get even a semi-decent night's sleep so we highly recommend it for anyone with a highly flaily baby who wakes him/herself up whenever his/her hands are free to roam around and whack him/herself in the face ;)


Anonymous said...

Why would we be "up in arms"? I think this is a great testimonial! You should note that we also mention in the instructions that many babies will fuss a bit when first wrapped. But like you said here, it really does help babies sleep better after a few minutes (which could be hours without the blanket). It's hard to show with line art the (possible) five minutes between the step where the baby is crying and the baby is happily sleeping - it's just a funny illustration, nothing more. And, of course, K is just one of several hundred thousand babies using the blanket and most of them actually start smiling around step two and are asleep by step four. It's hard to put one baby's reaction up as an "across-the-board" example when it's so very anecdotal against so many thousands of others and I think anyone out there can recognize that. So, we are not up in arms: we say, "Thank you!" for confirming once again that the blanket works - even though it may work a little less impressively for a small minority.


Vicky said...

What do you mean up in arms? That would be impossible with arms pinned down in the miracle blanket! Harharhar! ;)

Lara said...

Wow - amazing that the inventor of the miracle blanket found my blog :)

I was just worried you/he might not take kindly to my taking your/his images and text from his web site, let alone comparing it to a screaming baby. But we do love the blanket :) And even wish you/they made it for a bigger baby because Kiernan (aka houdini) is getting good at getting out of it and the blanket is suffering for it at the seams.