Friday, March 09, 2007

What he's been up to

Kiernan is changing so quickly and doing so many new things lately. Here is another list of things he's been doing:

- bearing a tiny bit of weight on his arms (much to mommy's delight)
- passing things back and forth from one hand to another
- reaching for things out of sight
- catching himself from falling a lot when sitting
- he can put his soother back in his own mouth. He generally doesn't care if he's sucking on the side or the handle instead of having it in properly, but when he does care, he can turn it around and put it in properly. It is amusing to watch him examine it to decide what he needs to do to turn it around the right way.
- He likes to lie on the floor and bang his feet into the ground. Daddy worries he will break his feet and never walk if he keeps it up.
- his new talking sounds are ever changing. I'm sure I've heard some mamama and dadada in there. :)
-he's stopped his fabulous sleeping :P
- he rarely ever rolls even though we know he can
- That teething blister is still there. Last night he started drooling like crazy and crying like nuts so we think he could be teething again, but who the heck knows.
- He's going to be six months old in 4 days!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, time flies!! Six months already.

Vicky said...

It's amazing how fast they change! Savour every moment!