Monday, March 19, 2007

R.I.P. Goopey-eye

When we saw the pediatrician last week I asked her about Kiernan's goopey-eye. Our family doctor told me to just keep massaging it and if his tear duct was still blocked when he was one, then we would take further action. Yikes! That's a really long time for my son to look like he's got permanent mascara on his right eyelashes!

So I asked the pediatrician hoping for some new idea. She said massaging was the thing to do but then explained that massaging it was a very vague way of putting it. She said "take off your glasses and I'll show you". She finds my tear duct and pushes. hard. ow!

She explains that a tear duct is either blocked, or not blocked. There's no halfway. So one day, I'll push, and I'll break the membrane blocking Kiernan's, and then his eye won't be goopey anymore. Cool!

So I do it. Once. Not that hard. He didn't even cry. And guess what?! No more goop! Holy cow!

I mean, it must have been on the verge of popping to have gone so easily, but it is nice that it's no longer one of our issues. Hopefully it won't reclog or anything.

We have enough on our plates now because K has a cold, and he hates the gention violet we've been giving him for thrush, he's not eating as much as I want him to (probably a combo of thrush and cold causing that) and I ate cheese by accident on friday so he's having tummy issues (probably some of the new foods making that worse) and he may be teething (but I always say that) so for the last 3 nights the only way to get through the night has been to bring us in to bed with us. Great new habit to build right before starting sleep training eh? My biggest fear right now is that something else I"m eating is bothering him and I ought to be cutting that out too

For now, I am just trying to stay on the new diet and realizing I just can't eat out without a complete list of all ingredients and without being REALLY strict. No, oh I think I can get under this cheese they sprinkled all over the top and a bit into this salad. So I'm going to go on a cooking frenzy. I'm going to cook and bake and make my own food. And I'm only a bit bitter about it at the moment, but it comes and goes in waves that get much stronger at times. That or the extreme guilt that I hurt my son whenever I make a mistake. But no time for a pity party, gotta clean and cook!


Anonymous said...

Cool About the tear duct, and shitty deal that the family doctor wasn't as clear as could have been about how to "massage" it, this might have cleared up sooner.

Vicky said...

I still think you should tally up all the money you are saving on eating out and go buy yourself something nice! Some new camera accessories or some clothes or a new scrapbook! You deserve it for everything you've been through!