Thursday, March 15, 2007

There's always so much to share!

Kiernan is a Foot flicker! Can a baby have restless leg syndrome? He wakes himself up flicking his feet against each other. He stops himself from falling asleep flicking his feet against each other. He's doing so well with the weaning from the swaddle and his arms not punching himself in the head anymore, and now his feet are outta control!! He slept for 15 minutes during his nap this morning, a nap that started later than naps usually do, and I think his feet are to blame. boo!

When we bought sushi and the rat toy from IKEA my mother in law advised us not to cut off the tags. And let me tell you, the tags on IKEA toys are LONG!! And she was right, Kiernan goes for the tags on toys first. And he eats them and chews them and sucks them until they are revoltingly wet. hehe.

We had a follow up appointment with the pediatrician this week and she thinks Kiernan is doing fabulously. He now weighs 15 and a half lbs and seems to consistently be in about the 25th percentile. When I expressed concern about him not being any bigger, she commented on his bracelets (the rolls of fat that are at his wrists :) and said he's nice and healthy looking, but just a small guy. Poor Eric, he so doesn't want Kiernan to be a little guy like he was. But I'm happy. Plus, I still take to heart the fact that a lot of these percentile lists are apparently put together based on formula fed babies and formula fed babies tend to be bigger than exclusively breast fed babies, and as we all know, Kiernan is exclusively breast fed cuz the little devil won't eat the formula!! ;)

Which segs me into another issue with breastfeeding. I have thrush. Yay. :P It doesn't seem to be too bad a case but I definitely wanted to nip it in the bud so I talked to K's pediatrician and she prescribed me something. Then I went to costco to have the prescription filled, even though I had decided I didn't really like that pharmacy. It was convenient, I was going to be there anyways. ANyhow, the pharmacist got me all in an uproar about how he didn't know that it was safe to take that much of that medicine, especially when nursing and how he was going to call the drug helpline and ack! Anyhow, I double checked with my doctor and the pediatrician who assured me they knew what they were talking about, only to have the pharmacist call back and say to go ahead and take the medication since it was obviously a bad infection (it's not) and the doctor wouldn't prescribe this possibly dangerous for you and the baby drug without knowing what they were doing. My doctor's office was like "we're not even giving you a high dose!" Anyhow, very unsettling. I'm going to stick to my rule of going to the little pharmacy in my neighbourhood that make me feel confident that they know what they're doing.

Most days I'm dealing well with all the dietary restrictions I have from K's food intolerances. I have learned that rice milk and almond milk are not good substitutes in my coffee for milk and so I am learning to actually like my coffee with just sugar. It's flavoured coffee so that helps, but maybe I'll work my way up to being one of those cool people who drink their coffee black. Hm, is it odd that I think people who drink their coffee black are cool? Anyhow, the toughest part about these dietary restrictions is eating out. I have accepted that I need to cook everything from scratch at home since most prepared foods have soy or milk, but I didn't realize how hard it would be to find food I can have in a hurry. Subway's bread all has either milk or soy. A&W puts whey in their fries and burgers! McDonald's has soy or milk in their buns. Their tortillas are fine but nothing they put in a tortilla is safe. So unless I ask for a burger in a tortilla :P then that's a no go. Yesterday we went for lunch at moxie's and I asked them what I could have. I gave them two options of what I might like to have and they essentially said the only thing that was safe was a salad with grilled chicken and they'd bring me oil and vinegar to put over top. I didn't get the bread that came with the salad. I didn't get the dressing. I got the extra guacamole. Eating out loses it's appeal when you don't get to eat what you want but need to eat the one or two things on their entire menu that doesn't have soy or milk. Imagine if this was a lifelong issue for me???

My baby is the cutest baby ever :) Ok, I know I'm biased, but whatever :) I have entered him into the achannel's cutest baby contest. Maybe he will win :) And, we've had two photo sessions with him the last week (my mother thinks I'm insane) one with our friend Julie and one at the Superstore. My kid is so cute!!! I can't post the superstore photos obviously, but here are a couple from Julie. I think Kiernan wishes I wouldn't make him pose quite so much sometimes (see last photo :)


Vicky said...

Thrush is annoying and painful, so I feel for you. The most annoying part is that it comes and goes and is hard to finally get rid of. I wish my Dr. had told me about those pills!

I'm sorry to say, but Kiernan is not going to win the cutest baby contest. It's not that he's not a cute baby, because he truly is, but I know a cuter baby that is going to clean up this contest! ;)

Lida said...

Kiernan IS one of the three cutest babies (along with his cousins) in the world. I especially love the last picture in the set where he has his head down. That says it all doesn't it?

Airen said...

Are you allowed to take ACIDOPHILUS? Thrush is a yeast infection, and good bacteria kills yeast.
When I had thrush, in my mouth, after getting my tongue pierced, I was able to treat it by stopping the anti-bacterial mouthwash and taking acidophilus pills.
Also, I know how terribly painful thrush is in one's mouth, maybe that is what is bugging Kiernan these days.

Lara said...

That's actually one of our theories for the recent waking in the night howling, because he hasn't been having the gas that usually accompanies that. So I'm hoping by treating the thrush, even though I'm experiencing that much discomfort, that it will help him too. I'm also going to get some gension violet (I have no idea how to actually spell that) and that should cure it for him if he has it.

Vicky said...

The nystatin cream also treats it for the baby, and it might be an option if you don't want to deal with purple stained clothes!

Shona said...

The third and fourth photos are my fav - what a cutie!!