Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Kiernan is getting to that age where I'm starting to be a little bit more relaxed with him. I'm not entirely sure if that's going well or not ;)

The other day we had an incident where we were playing and he banged his forehead against my mouth so hard he had to red lines in the shape of my two front teeth for the rest of the day! ack! And yesterday, I let him suck on my pear. I figured, since he's allowed pear now, and he has these mesh bags where he sucks on apples, he could suck on my pear for a second. I even read this thing that said he should be ready for finger foods and I SWEAR, ripe pear is on the list. Anyhow, he sucks on the pear and he likes it. I see that he got a tiny amount of pear flesh in his mouth but think its nice and soft and small, and he can handle that no problem. Well, apparently he had a bigger hunk in the back of his mouth I didn't see, which he proceeded to try to inhale. He started to choke, and I had to go in and fish the damn piece of pear out of his throat and then felt like the worst mother ever for hours afterwards.

I'm thinking that these are the kinds of things that just happen and I need to know that. But wow - not fun!

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Anonymous said...

You are doing fine.
I, too, have had to dig food out of a baby's throat. Not fun, but necessary on occasion. At least K's your OWN baby.