Friday, March 02, 2007

Virtual baby book

I was thinking the other day that I don't record any of Kiernan's firsts, or any of the things that he does anywhere but in this blog. Is that going to cause problems one day? Is this blog really going to ALWAYS exist? I wonder if there are services that will print and bind old blog postings for you. I plan to investigate.

So here is a quick list of things Kiernan has been doing that we don't want to forget happened around this time:

- last night he slept for just over 6 hours straight! AND! They were hours I was asleep! AND! They were hours one would usually be asleep at. He woke up to eat at 11 (back down around 11:30 or so I think) and woke up just before 6 this morning. Eric and I both looked at each other unsure as to whether we believed that had actually happened? Had I woken up and fed him and forgotten? Did we ignore his cries? How could it be? But really, I think he just slept that long. SCORE!
- He's really rolling now! I know I announced he was rolling eons ago, but he seems to be doing it now without any coaxing from me. It's still a crapshoot, you never know when he's actually going to do it, but he does it! And both ways - back to front and front to back. I still don't think he really does it on purpose though, so that'll be the next step.
- He's talking more and making new sounds. wawawawa is the most common, but he also looks at me really thoughtfully and seems to try to make thhh sounds a lot. He also now smacks his lips now.
- He's turned serious. The boy who would smile at any lady in sight is stingy with the smiles lately. He looks at everyone with a strong "I'm not sure about you" look.
- Foot flicking boy. He rubs his feet together like a grasshopper all the time. This distracts him from falling asleep and he also manages to kick his robeez off all the time (much to his grandmother's amazement!)
- We tried some sweet potato this morning. I guess the cereal is bland enough that he accepts it without being shocked about it, other than that it isn't applesauce. He clamped his mouth shut after a few bites of sweet potato. We'll give him a few days to warm up to the new taste sensation though :)
- He cuddles! And sits quietly with us. It's amazing. I think in combination with his tummy not holder, he's older and calmer and is happy just to hang out sometimes. It's really nice.


Nuzzy said...

Such a wonderful and exciting time! He is at a very fun stage, with all of these firsts. You are describing them very well - I feel like I already know him (but really only know him through your posts :( and it sounds like he has your fun sense of humour too, although I can see why he'd be unhappy that every spoonful is not applesauce (ok, thats a previous post, I know - haha.

Interesting thought re: preserving the blog postings for the future! Let us know what you find out. On that note, we often take for granted all the memories in our digital pictures too without properly making backups, now if only I can learn from what I tell other people. :)

Congrats on the 6 hours! Awesome!

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