Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Twilight: Why I don't want to leave my husband for Edward

When I was a teenager I had a poster on the back of my door similar to the one below. In retrospect, I am relatively certain that I was probably more under the impression I *should* like having a poster like that on my door more than I actually enjoyed having it there. Ahhh Chippendales, was that a late 80s early 90s thing or just me and my friends? ;)

If I were a teenager right now, let me tell you, Edward, and even Jacob, would be adorning my walls. (I asked Eric if we could get a poster for our room but he said no. le sigh)

And I would really like a shirt like this one:

Because I'm totally a Twihard. I read the first book in a night and totally ignored my family to do it. When it was done, I started it over again. I've read the entire series at least 4 times. And I don't apologize for it - I love them.

I know there is a lot of criticism out there about the books because they create an unrealistic expectation of love and a normal relationship. At first I scoffed - really? People know this is fiction. But I do realize that some people throw themselves into a story a bit more than I do.

I have never thought "sigh... I wish *I* could be with someone like Edward". Because really, there are many reasons I would NOT want to be with Edward:

- He's way too intense
- He's all "I'm your protector" and stuff and that would drive me up the wall. Don't do things for my own good without telling me, give me a little more credit than that PLEASE. Or forbid me from doing something - I don't care how dangerous you think it is. You don't get to do that.
- His "I am going to kill myself if you die because I can't live in a world without you". Oh spare me the drama. That's exactly I would want in a mate, someone that was so dependent on me that they would kill themselves if I died. Except not at all.

Rinse and repeat over and over.

These are not really what I would consider good character traits for someone in a healthy relationship, at least not for me.

Their story caught me. I love to read about them. I can't even describe what it is about the story that I love so much other than that I really believe in Edward's love of Bella. But for all the girls out there who think they're going to find that, and be happy with it, I feel sorry. That's not what real life and love is about.

And I certainly hope that I will be able to teach Juliette that. You need to be happy loving yourself. You need to feel equal to your partner. Love is amazing, but it should never be your entire world.

Oh, and "don't date vampires"

"or werewolves"

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Loukia said...

Hi! I love Twilight too, but I'm sure you already knew that since I do tend to tweet about it a lot... heck, of course I've even blogged about it!


OMG, I cannot wait!

Okay, back to being a responsible mom of two... ;)

Julie said...

i triple heart that cullen's baseball t. where can i get one?

i love the twilight series too. did you read midnight sun online as well? i could barely tear myself away from the computer to feed my baby!

i've only read the series once. but that's only because i don't own the books. i have ready haryr potter about 8 times though.

Vicky said...

That's exactly why I was on Team Jacob for so long (until I saw New Moon, and I'm sorry but that long hair just grossed me out. Ya he has nice abs, but still.) I agree, the whole 'I will kill myself if I can't be with you' drama was annoying. SO was the 'I'm bad for you, you shouldn't be with me, oh but I can't live without you..' gag.

So, if Juliette can't date vampires, or werevolves, can she date a Chippendale?

Lara said...

Vicky - Hmmmm. Aren't chippendales extinct? ;)

Julie - there are a plethora of shirts, bags, hats, etc here for us twihards :)

Loukia - June 30th is just too far away to think about yet.

kanishk said...

There are still plenty of boxes in the basement!
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Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

I love it too. I have a Robert Pattinson calendar hanging in my office. It's supposed to be ironic. Ummm...well... that's what I tell people. My four year old also likes to tell me that when she is slathered in sunscreen she looks like Edward Cullen. Is it wrong for a preschooler to know I love another man?!?!

Thank goodness my twins are enthusiastic nursers-- that's how I was able to get the time to read all the books.