Sunday, April 25, 2010

3 things - week 2

I give myself a 9/10 grade on my first week's challenge.

Granola bars - CHECK (they were good, but crumbly. They need hours to cool before you can cut in to them)

A week of green smoothies - I had one every day but yesterday and made up for it by having one today. They were good. They did not make me feel better, nor did they make my skin feel nicer, nor did I get any skinnier. I may continue to make them since they are healthy, but I'm far from sold or hooked on the green smoothie idea.

Empty 3 boxes - I'm emptied 2.5. I'm such a lazy ass. I will try to empty at least another half box before bed ;)

Poll - 17 votes, not bad. The Twilight post came out WAYYY ahead so I'll be writing that one this week. Keep your eyes open.

This week's challenge

- floss every day (I mean, I totally already do that)
- Bake 2 new kinds of bread in the break maker
- Empty 5 boxes

And check out the sidebar for a new vote for a post for next week!


Some kind of Wondermom said...

Wow 5 boxes is ambitious! So is flossing EVERY day. All the power to you! And I look forward to your Twilight post!

Lida said...

This weekly challenge idea sounds a little like a book I gave Lindsay called The Happiness Project (don't know how to link to it). I only skimmed through it but the author set herself monthly goals and tried to carry them all through the year in order to improve her sense of happiness in her life. Sounds like a good idea. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good work, Lara.

My goals for this week:
plan a (healthy) menu for next week.
make a grocery list and buy EVERY item on it, and NO items not on it - be flexible to make substitutions for ingredients where necessary, but not for entire meals (ie: no switching any planned meal for frozen Pizza or a plan to get take-out that night).

Jessica said...

I'm glad you like the birdcage! If you run into snags in the process when you make it, I can try to help if my instructions aren't very good. Good luck!

kanishk said...

All the power to you! And I look forward to your Twilight post!
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