Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Are they really almost toddlers?

Yesterday, on the eve the twins turning 11 months (!) I was thinking about how when Kiernan was this age I was weeks away from going back to work.

And let me tell ya - I am so glad I am not weeks away from going back to work.

I SO understand why I was in tears regularly at the thought of going back. I so understand why it was hard for me to feel ready to leave him. And he seemed so much older than they do. He was walking. He was talking. (I think because I now have an older kid to compare them to they also seem younger than Kiernan, as an only child, felt to me)

So today I am happy that I have decided to stay home. They are almost one though so I will start looking to see if I can find some part time work, and they are starting to visit their Grammie a little more without me (thank you Grammie!).

And I am going to try to enjoy the last little bit of baby there is left in them, because it's all going to be over far too soon.

I can't believe my babies are almost one.


NavyBride said...

My daughter turns will be one on Friday.

I may or may not be going back to teaching in the fall.

I AM in total turmoil over this. I could have written this post.

Some kind of Wondermom said...

It's great that you have the option of staying home. As hard as it is some days, and as happy as you are to see the husband walk through the door, it really is so nice to have the freedom to go wherever you want and to watch your kids grow up.

Capital Mom said...

I find it harder to think about going back the second time, which is why I have taken an extra year off.

Just wait until they do turn one. You won't be able to believe it!