Saturday, April 03, 2010


I feel old.

I look in the mirror and my skin looks old. I look tired all the time (unsurprisingly, but still) and I can see the steady decline I'm on.


I need to start doing something about it. Especially since I wear makeup about 6 times a year, it's not like I'm covering up these signs of aging.

But, I don't even know where to start. Oil of Olay? Every spa just promotes the line they use in the spa so it feels like it's for sales more than anything else. I know I could go to shopper's and ask them, but I thought I'd start with you guys first. Do you use anything? What works for you? Does anything work or is it all just a conspiracy to get my money?

Why do we have to get old? ;)


Melany Gallant said...

I use an SPF moisturizer during the day (Marcelle Essentials) and Vichy night cream. Pretty simple but it works - I think anyway ;). Not sure all those fancy eye creams, etc are really necessary. Also don't underestimate the power of regular exfoliation (weekly). And just go to the spas for a facial - to pamper yourself. Skip their "magical" skincare lines that make crazy promises. My humble opinion. :D

Capital Mom said...

I look old too. I think sleep would be the best remedy but that really isn't an option. :-)
Last year I looked in the mirror and couldn't beleive my skin. Yuck! So I bought an orgnaic face cream off Etsy and love it. I have never had anything this nice. I will find the link for you.

Jenn said...

Just be careful what you buy - cosmetics are FULL of chemicals. See if you can find something organic, or check out the cosmetic safety database - before you go shopping. (Don't mean to be the extra downer here!!)

Vicky said...

Children make you old :P

What about all the benefit cosmetics you used to wear?

Christine said...

I've got nothing for you except that I feel old too (and what the hell happened to my body?). I'm lucky if I have the energy in the morning to remember to put on moisturizer. I need to get better at that.

QOH said...

I live in a land of seemingly ageless adults, and the common factor (aside from those who use Botox and surgery) seems to be consumption of raw, green, leafy veggies. These people all own a Vitamix and make green smoothies for themselves, because it takes too long to eat enough greens to make a difference. It gives them a ton of energy too. I am more of a fruit/raw chocolate gal, but also heavily into raw eatin' and noticing a big difference in my skin. Might be worth trying the smoothies for the week and seeing how you feel? They are super fast to make as you can just throw some uncut spinach/kale/tomatoes/cucumber/celery/blueberries/whatever into the thing and hit "smoothie", pour it out, rinse it quickly and you're done.

@WannabeMomErin said...

Jason and I have recently discussed making the change to eating "real" food exclusively - unless we are eating out, which we decided that we would cut down on drastically last month. So, I'll let you know if I feel better, stronger, faster, younger after we've done that for a while. Mostly, we just want to be not fat, we're not shooting for the stars here. Thin doesn't feel like a realistic goal, but not fat, I think I could make it there.

Katie Valentine said...

Meeeh. I wanna say that I exclusively eat raw, fresh foods and use only natural products. You have, however, been to my house.

So I'll say that I sleep when I can, and eat the best I can, and use Oil of Olay 7 signs religiously. Mostly because it already has SPF in it, and I don't have the energy or brain power to use two creams. And it routinely gets those best of what not awards in the magazines.

And then I use foundation. Every day to cover up the bags and smooth everything out. I like Lise Watier for that. She has this tient mousse one that I just love the texture of. And mascara because my lashes are blonde. Think about it. You've never, never seen me without mascara, and we've known each other a long time.

This all to say, however, that SIL's aromatherapy line out of sweet violet is really, really awesome, and all natural and honest to goodness good for you and your gorgeous skin.

And I mean that.