Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Push me as high as you Grammie!!

We've gone through a bit of a scared phase. Suddenly we were too scared to go down slides and be pushed on swings. "Does that go fast? I don't like to go fast."

But a few weeks into park season and we're overcoming the fears.

There is just too much fun to be had!

"Now push me as high as the SKY!"


Julie said...

the jellybean just started to go on the "big boy" swings. it's so much fun to see him trying to pump his little legs!

Patricia said...

I thought I recognized you at the park the other day, but thought to myself that Ottawa is too big for your family to have moved in to my neighborhood, but this picture confirms it. I've been following your blog since you commented on mine years ago. I look forward to seeing you around!