Friday, April 02, 2010


There are a lot of funny noises in our new house. A bunch of the toilets are kind of wonky and make bubbling and gurgling noises and start running inexplicably. There are new creaks and groans. And there's also this whining noise. Except this whining noise followed us from the old house.
It starts around 7 am and doesn't let up until about 8 pm - every day. (Oh, except for when it goes to daycare.)

The most prevalent tone of voice in Kiernan's repertoire right now is full on whine. He changes it up to "end of the world howling" if he hurts himself at all. Like "OMG, I fell down on this plush carpet and hit nothing hard at all but I am VERY UPSET!"

This whine, it hits my brain like nails on a chalkboard, and I don't know how to make it stop. With crying you can bounce, you can shush, you can go for a walk or a drive.

I am not a fan. Anyone know a repairman for this kind of noise, I'm willing to pay big bucks.


Anonymous said...

Sounds irritating. Have you tried "We can't hear you when you're whining"?
That's a stupid question, you probably have tried that already...

Anonymous said...
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Some kind of Wondermom said...

How about a weekend at the grandparents? hehe.

Or have you tried whining back? What about a 3 strikes you're out kind of approach - if he whines three times in a day he loses something (tv time, a toy, whatever his currency happens to be). Using stars for good behaviour on the calendar works for us too because it's visual and you can go back and point to them as reminders to stay on track.

Finola said...

Time heals all whines.

That is all that worked for us, let 'em grow up a bit. Sorry I don't have any better suggestions :)

nonlineargirl said...

Oh if only I knew.