Sunday, April 18, 2010

3 things challenge

I've started a photo challenge over at Kids in the Capital and I like that I have a scheduled post with a scheduled topic once a week. So I'm starting a weekly post here, with a vaguer purpose but it will have a similar format every week.

  • 3 things I "challenge" myself to do in the coming week
  • A recap of the things I accomplished in the previous week (obviously not pertinent this week)
  • A reader's choice poll helping me choose one of the many blog posts that have been bouncing around in my head, forcing me to finally put one to keyboard/screen
Sound fun? Of course! :)

My 3 things for this week:

1) Drink a green smoothie every day
2) Unpack 3 boxes
3) Make the granola bars Ottawa Mom talked about on her blog this week

3 post topics to help me choose from:

1) Twilight: why I don't want to leave my husband for Edward
2) Let me tell you a bit about sleep deprivation
3) Driving around in my automobile

There's a poll on the sidebar - help me pick one to write next week!

What about you - is there anything you're hoping to get done this week?

So? Fun, or what? :)


Some kind of Wondermom said...

Neat idea! I'm going to hold you to those granola bars - maybe saving one for me will be an incentive to get them done ;)

meanie said...

love me or hate me, you've been nominated! check out my blog for details :)

(i love green smoothies)

Anonymous said...

I love this idea.
I especially love the idea of more frequent posts from you. And of hearing about 3 things you want to do each week, and how it went.
I voted.

I tried to set up features back in January... losing my blog database and all my posts from December and January (up to whatever day it was that I lost it all) threw a wrench in those works...
Maybe I should revisit the idea.

OttawaMom said...

What a great idea. I particularily like the granola bar idea, but I may be biased :) Hope you enjoy them. So easy to make and my kids love them. Would love to know what you think.

Good luck with the challenge and look forward to reading how it went.

Oh, and I voted too!

(slightly) less cynical said...

Have you chosen the three boxes yet?