Wednesday, July 29, 2009

11 weeks old

The babies are 11 weeks old today and things are good. Although I still get frustrated I am now spending the majority of my days on my own with the babies and doing just fine. It's almost hard to remember that 5 or 8 weeks ago the idea of being left alone with both babies for the time it took to drive Kiernan to daycare (20 minutes) made me want to cry.

Now we're at a point where they don't want to eat every minute of every day, and I've come up with strategies (like not even considering trying to nurse the babies when we're out) that make my life a lot easier. And I go out, a lot, because I find they are good when we're out and sleep long periods of time, which makes me happy.

Our biggest hurdle now is the whole reflux situation. They started a new medication called Nexium on Friday because they were both still fussing a lot at the breast and not sleeping well and spitting up a lot (particularly Juliette). They're doing better with most of those symptoms since they started the Nexium, but I swear, they are whinier and have a lot more sleepless spells. I have never been able to stop myself from trying to figure out what causes every little change in their behaviour, when really, they've never been all that predicatable to begin with. I'm sure every baby has a bad day where they won't nap all day and I have been lucky enough to get some glorious sleep in the last week... So, we'll continue the medication for awhile longer, but if this whiny behaviour persists I may see what going back to the zantac would do (and should probably check with the doctor before willy nilly flipping meds around ;)

I don't have an 11 week picture yet so instead here's a cute 10 week one.


Capital Mom said...

They are pretty cute! And I am in awe of you. One baby and a toddler often make me crazy, never mind twins. :-)

nonlineargirl said...

so tell me, how DO you get through the day with 2 babies and no other adult around? I'll be doing just that in a week and a half, so I am keenly awaiting advice. Scared scared scared.