Sunday, July 12, 2009

My can't live without it products for twins

I'm in a blog carnival kind of mood this weekend! Here is a post from the multiples and more site where they ask what you couldn't live without.

My twins turn two months old tomorrow so I am still learning what does and doesn't work to manage with the chaos of twins but so far, two of the things that I couldn't possibly live without are :

1. My double snap and go. When I first test drove this around the store (with empty car seats) I worried it felt flimsy. At a meeting of new members for the local multiples association we met a couple of sets of parents of 6 month old twins who RAVED about the snap and go. We ended up buying ours used from one of those sets of parents and I'm so glad we did! Having picked up one of those huge stroller systems since, the weight difference is insane. The snap and go flings in and out of the van in seconds and is light enough for me to pick up and lift up curbs or around corners when I get into a tight corner - something that definitely happens more often with a long stroller like this than it did with my single.

2. My fisher price swings. I recently borrowed a second one because they are my life line. I absolutely recommend getting a deluxe swing if it seems like your baby/ies like them. Mine do (particularly the side to side motion which most non-deluxe swings don't do) and the babies spends hours and hours and hours a day in them - both swinging and not swinging. When I'm at my wits end at 4am, I can plop them each in a swing and go to sleep on the floor for a bit. They love to watch the mobiles, and even when they aren't moving they are comfortable in that propped up position because they are both reflux babies. If I had to give up all but one baby accessory, I would SO keep the swings!! (Mine are slightly older versions of the two models seen below :)


Lani said...

I loved those fisher price swings too when mine were smaller!
Thanks for playing along with us this week:)

CrAzY Working Mom said...

I had the aquarium one with Tyler and he LOVED it!!! He swung in it 'till his feet touched the ground. Well, okay not really but he did swing in it 'till he got too big. It was a saving grace!

nonlineargirl said...

Love the snap'n'go.