Tuesday, July 07, 2009


If you've ever exclusively nursed a baby, you know how much work it is. Now, imagine doing that times 2, except for a few occasional bottles. Would YOU want to smack the nurses/lactation consultants in the head who ask you, in a slightly belittling tone, if you're sure you can't find the time to pump for those extra bottles?
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I'm giving them 2-3 oz of formula a day tops (and to be honest, it's just Juliette because Quinn nurses very efficiently and hates bottles and Juliette prefers bottles so fusses for one and often wins for a small top up or two a day) and you're going to give me a hard time? Makes me want to kick them. :P (and then I guiltily try to pump more. sigh)


Lida said...

Take it easy on yourself. You're doing great just as you are and the proof is how great those babies are growing and getting cuter every day!

nonlineargirl said...

I am impressed. I am nursing and pumping by day (neither twin is stellar at getting enough milk by nursing alone) with formula at night.

We do this because it works for our family, but if my husband wasn't home it would not work at all, and the kids would be getting a lot more formula. We had a great consultant who a) said "do what works for you" and b) told us that she had very little milk when she had babies.

As long as the babies are growing and healthy and you stay sane, you are doing a great job.

Lindsey said...

Can I tell you that it took me three times reading this post to get how funny the title of it was? Awww...Lara - you're doing your best and your children are getting fed. That's ALL that matters. You take care of you and yours and don't worry about the nurses. =D

Sadia said...

Lactation consultants sometimes need training in reality. I firmly believe that breastfeeding is best, but it's not for everyone, and it's not one size fits all. Your babies are getting enough breast milk to benefit from your immune system.

You rock.

Plenty of mothers of singletons don't even try to nurse because it seems too hard. You're nursing twins. You and your co-parent know best, and you get to decide when to consult the consultants!