Monday, July 06, 2009

That one will be all yours sweetie

Having a 3 year old and newborn twins I get a LOT of "wow. so now you must be done!" and whether or not I am done (probably, maybe, most likely) and whether or not I appreciate getting asked this constantly within weeks of having these babies (or wait, while being pregnant with them!) it's brought up the topic of more permanent methods of birth control and people's thoughts on them. And. I'm shocked.

There are WAY more people out there than I thought who still think it's the woman's responsibility. "Will you be getting your tubes tied?" Um, aside from the fact that I don't want to discuss the finality of my fertility with you, NO, I am NOT going to be getting my tubes tied!

I am not getting my tubes tied because :
A) That's surgery, and unless I knew well ahead of a planned c-section that I was absolutely done, then I'm not going in to surgery.
B) WHO is the one who carried and birthed the children? Me? That's right. I'm done with the discomfort in our procreational activities. You get it done, or you can chance me deciding I'd really like another baaaaby in 5 years from now ;)
C) Any man who still thinks a vasectomy unmans them in this day and age needs a swift smack upside the head. And also, I don't care (see B)

What do you think?

Addendum. Eric never suggested I get my tubes tied and this post has nothing to do with us but instead my feelings towards what other people have said. Just in case you thought he was the one who needed the smack - cuz he's not ;)


Marie-Helene said...


Some kind of Wondermom said...

Do you remember seeing the cartoon at the doctor's office with the woman and her husband going in for a vasectomy? She's holding a gun behind his back and says to the doctor 'My husband would like a vasectomy' ;)

Katie Valentine said...

Yeah, see, we had about two seconds of the 'but they'll cut me...' whine in our house, when I pointed out that I had squeezed two 8+lbs humans through my business, so complaining to me about a nick in the skin to slip a teensy tube through wasn't going to get a whole lot of play from me...

I must note, however, that as of yet, I am still a suporter of the hormone industry.

nonlineargirl said...

People ask a lot of questions that feel pretty nosy - a stranger asked if I am breastfeeding.

I am with you on the vasectomy.

shona said...

I totally agree! Argument B is the strongest.