Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What did I say? Was that funny Mommy?

You know all those little things you say... when you're frustrated, surprised, confused, sneezing....? Can you tell me what they are? I don't think I could have, until....

Kiernan reading a book on the floor suddenly exclaims "what the heck? what the heck!"

Kiernan working on a puzzle "oh come. on!"

Kiernan sneezes "bless me mommy. BLESS ME!"

Or how about what you sound like talking to a baby? Because hearing a three year old boy talking in "mothereze"(that's a real term in case you're wondering) saying "awww, that's a nice smile. you're a happy baby! are you going to tell me a story?" is not only funny, but amazingly sweet.


Some kind of Wondermom said...

Joel often says things to inanimate objects when he gets frustrated, like 'come on spoon!' or 'let's go sandals!!!' Very cute the things they say at this age ;)

Sadia said...


I forget that "motherese" isn't a word in general circulation and have tried to minimize my use of it. If I ever finish my Linguistics degree, I'd probably end up doing my dissertation on language acquisition. Pre-motherhood, my focus was theoretical syntax - dry and without immediate application.