Friday, September 07, 2007

Daycare is fun - part deux

Kiernan had a great first day of daycare on Wednesday - he was in good spirits all day, even if he didn't really sleep. I really couldn't have asked for better!
He played, he was happy, he ate, and he was just too excited and happy to sleep. I'm sure in time he'll learn to sleep at daycare - possibly better than he does at home.
We dropped him off this morning and much as he did on Wednesday, he was off exploring. The other older kids think he's interesting so he gets tons of attention until they all leave for school. I think daycare will be fabulous for him - he'll learn from the other kids and be doing all kinds of new things faster than I'll be able to keep track.
Daycare sounds like fun - I wish that's where I got to go every day ;)

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pinks & blues girls said...

It DOES sound like fun! Glad he is doing well in his new environment!

Jane, P&B Girls