Sunday, September 23, 2007

A step in the right direction

Yesterday we gave Kiernan about 2 oz of Good Start, mixed in to his Nutrimagen. It was nerve wracking after our soy experiences, but in the end, there were no disasters to deal with! YAY!

The news isn't entirely good though, because although he didn't throw up, he didn't throw up the first time he had soy either, it took a few times before he really started reacting - which is why we were so confused! The small indication that all may not be ok is that within half a day Kiernan developed a rash (nothing horrible) all over his legs.

Considering he's having his big round of shots this week, and that he did have a bit of a reaction, I think we're going to lay off for a few weeks and then try some more.

But I'm very hopeful!!! :)


Lida said...

Yay so far! Baby steps.

crazy working mom said...

Great to hear! :)