Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Daycare is fun!

This morning was Kiernan's first day at daycare. Eric and I were up before K-man to get ready!

We got all his stuff together - clothing, food, bottles, sunscreen, etc and then I spent about a half an hour filling out his emergency contact sheet and writing out a list of things he could eat, couldn't eat, and a list of.... interesting things to know about Kiernan like how he can be a pain in the ass and spit out all his food or won't drink a bottle without also holding his soother and occasionally taking breaks from drinking to suck on the soother.

He got dressed in his new Kid Brother outfit (he looked so handsome) and I tried to take some lamo photos of him holding a sign like Steph from Adventures in Babywearing did for her son (lamo because a 1 year old won't stand and hold a sign - I'll try to upload what I got here later (now uploaded) ;) and then off we went.

We walked in and he immediately started telling "hi! hi! hi!" and everyone he saw. Then booted it for a cool toy as I went over what we brought and my list. Our caregiver didn't seem concerned, being a seasoned professional, but I had to keep going through everything and humming and hawing not being ready to leave.

Then Kiernan saw a skipping rope and was in heaven shaking that and being impressed by its wiggling "wowwww! wowww! wowww!" and that's when Eric had to start tugging on my arm to get me to leave.

I'm sad. It's more real and permanent feeling that I'm back at work and our first year is done now that he's at daycare. I know that he's going to have a fabulous time there with all the other kids, so I'm not sad for him. I'm sad for me. Poor selfish self-pitying mommy wants to stay home with her baby instead of going out and making money and letting her baby have fun with other kids ;)

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Some kind of Wondermom said...

Ok, first of all, you are not being selfish for wanting to stay home with Kiernan! The sad reality is that life is too darn expensive to only have 1 income, and stay home with your kids... why can't we have it all?