Saturday, September 15, 2007

Time to get back on track

I promised myself that I would be back to pre-pregnancy weight (and possibly wedding weight) by the time Kiernan turned one.
I didn't really start trying until after new years (because what was the point in the first couple of months and then what was the point before the holidays, right? ;) and then I joined weight watchers. I actually did quite well and lost almost all my baby weight between just naturally shedding some and weight watchers. But my dietary restrictions were getting greater and greater and we figured out the extent of Kiernan's intolerances and I decided I couldn't handle the stress of mommyhood, my new dietary restrictions and all they entailed, and how to also make them work with Weight watchers.
Well I can eat whatever I want now - and I think I have been! So it's time to get on track! I'm hoping that because there are people who actually read this blog (I think ;) that I will work a bit harder in my devotion to what I'm saying I'm going to be doing.
I'm also joining the Look Great in 2008 Challenge from Tales from the Scales. So expect a weekly Tuesday post on how I'm doing. Maybe I'll post some recipes and look for feedback and ideas from you guys as well. The more support the better :)

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Shona said...

Way to go! You can do it! :)