Friday, September 28, 2007

My friend the WAHM

I've been back at work for over a month now - I can't believe it. It's such a change from being home with Kiernan every day - something I miss a lot.

While I was home on leave I made a new friend via another friend home on maternity leave. Karen lives in my neighbourhood and her son, Cooper, is a month younger than Kiernan. We all hung out a lot over our year off and got to know each other really well. Karen should have been heading back to work this month but she decided to make a really brave move and start her own business and stay home with Cooper. I'm so impressed with her, and a bit jealous that she gets to be home to watch Cooper learn new things each day(can you tell I'm feeling wistful ;)

She now has a Precious Prints franchise and you can go and get molds done of your baby's feet or hands and make them into fridge magnets, Xmas ornaments or shadow boxes for the wall. It's pretty cool and I'd love to be able to support her by sending business her way :)

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Tip Junkie said...

What a wonderful idea to do for people! I'll have to check it out.