Friday, January 19, 2007

Annnnd rollin!

Guess who just rolled over? TWICE!
That's right - we're rolling now. Or hopefully it wasn't a fluke. I admit I was helping him to try to show him how it's done, but then he did it all on his own twice... not quickly, but he started on his back and ended on his tummy. Yay!

We're going to have to start babyproofing the house, won't be long until he's really moving, and we're messy :)

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Nuzzy said...

Ohhhhhhhh man it all gets _so_ much interesting from here. Rolling around turns into so many interesting things such as commando crawling (or maybe that was just my lazy boy) and then really crawling, and after that, you will be rushing to babyproof _everything_.. enjoy :)