Thursday, January 18, 2007

Are you having fun???

Kiernan is a super bouncer now. He loves to bounce/jump so much that if you are holding him upright in your arms he tries to jump. It's very cute! But sometimes, when he's in the jolly jumper, I'm just not sure if he's having fun or not. It would seem he's not having fun, because he's crying. But then again, he's STILL JUMPING!! Do I take him out or don't I? :)

We're going back to the doctor's today. Since he threw up on Sunday we've gone way back downhill in the sleeping department. He was back to being away almost every half hour after 3am last night. And the extreme gas has continued ever since then. I hope he didn't do damage or something? I don't know. Maybe we need to up his reflux medication? I guess I'll let the doctor figure it out :)

He's currently in the swing after wake up from another 15 minute nap

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Nuzzy said...

This sounds like a tough dilemma, I have not had experience with the jumper but it sounds like he loves it! Good stuff!