Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"I TOLD you I didn't like it!"

Pumping has been really hurting my breasts so now that we have found a bottle that Kiernan will take I decided it was time to try giving him formula. Powder seemed the most economical so we went out and bought a can. The next morning, the can of free Nestle formula that I signed up to get (along with a diaper bag and a bunch of other goodies) arrived. Great timing - I had just actually opened the can of the other stuff about 10 minutes before the mailman rang the doorbell. Hehe - oh well.
So we went out for Eric's 30th birthday and when we were at his parents' house we tried to give Kiernan the bottle. He made some NASTY faces - like "what the HELL!!??" Eventually he drank about an oz and a half of the stuff but that was it. He did nurse a bit as well. THen we had to head home to get ready to have people over for Eric's birthday.

We were almost home the first time Kiernan threw up (we're not talking spit up here). Uh oh, maybe that formula didn't sit well? When we got home he proceeded to throw up two more times until his stomach was completely empty - it was very upsetting and seemed a bit excessive as a reaction to just a bit of formula. After that he was never sick again though and continued to nurse well, so it would SEEM that that's actually what it was... that his body completely rejected this formula. So if you, or anyone you know are interested in a can of soy formula from enfamil, let me know because I doubt we'll be using it ;)

I think this is where I went to get the free can of formula btw: http://www.nestle-baby.ca/en/register/index

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