Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kicky mckickerson

We got the miracle blanket last week and have been using it at night. He's a tad long for it so we went with the suggestion that if the baby is too long we simply leave the baby's legs unswaddled and swaddle his arms. We hope that Kiernan won't need to be swaddled for the rest of his life (!) so we thought leaving some of his limbs out wouldn't be a bad idea. So now he's waking him self up stomping on his mattress as opposed to waking himself smacking himself in the face. AIE! ;)
Eric thinks he's dreaming about jumping in the jolly jumper :)

Oh, and for everyone I told to vote for the baby photo on babies online. I didn't know you had to sign in to vote, so ya, forget that! :)

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Nuzzy said...

I am not familiar with the miracle blanket believe it or not! I look forward to more posts on this miracle of a blanket.