Thursday, January 18, 2007

The quest for sleep continues

This afternoon I took Kiernan to the doctor's to follow up on the fact that he has been extremely gassy since Sunday and also not sleeping well again. She's not sure what the problem is, so we're going to go see a pediatrician. She won't become his pediatrician, she's just going to check on K with regards to this issue. So hopefully she'll figure out what is going on with his super sensitive tummy - only problem is that we probably won't get to see the doctor for several weeks. Until then she upped his dosage of reflux medication so we'll see if that helps. She also doesn't think we should give Kiernan any more soy powder formula so if anyone wants an unopened can of nestle soy formula... that or I'll try to return it :)
He weighed just over 13.5 lbs... almost doubled his weight!

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Nuzzy said...

It is hard to believe right now, but the sleep will happen! I promise! It might not be right now, but when it happens, you'll realize it is all worth it :) (although I am sure you already realize that because it looks like you got a cutie on your hands)