Saturday, January 13, 2007

Feeling good!

*A combination of Kiernan's new medication and our straightjacketing/double swaddling methods seem to be working *knock on wood* since Kiernan only woke up at midnight, 4 and 6:30 today (at which point he was ready to be up for the day). What an amazing change from being up so much in the night!!!

It almost seems as thought more he sleeps the more he wants to sleep too. He wakes up and is ready to go down for a nap again shortly after (not that he sleeps for long when he's down). It's like he's trying to catch up for all that lack of sleep before. hehe

*We went to the grocery store and although Kiernan was a bit of a pain in that we had to carry him for most of the trip since he was completely uninterested in staying in his car seat or even sitting in the front section of the shopping cart, it was fun because we got so many baby admirer coming up to us and telling us how fabulously cute and adorable Kiernan is. *beam* Not that I didn't already know it. Sometimes it amazes me that despite all the sleepless nights and dealing with constantly having to entertain and deal with a screamy baby, I still feel completely confident in the fact that my baby is like, the most amazingly fabulous and cute baby in the world (sorry fellow mommies, but I'm sure you feel the same way :) He's a lot of work, but he really knows how to make up for it when he's not yelling :)

* Tonight Eric and I are going out on a date and my parents are coming here to watch Kiernan and put him to bed. Yay!

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