Monday, January 15, 2007

I SAID!! don't give me that crap!!

So, remember how we gave Kiernan some formula on Dec 30 and he got really sick? We weren't 100% sure it was the formula, especially since he'd only had about an ounce of the stuff so we decided to try it again. So yesterday morning we prepared just a few ounces of the same stuff... we didn't want to push it. As soon as we tried to give it to him, Kiernan started crying frantically and wouldn't drink it. He sucked MAYBE twice and had a bit dribble into his mouth. 2 hours later, like last time, Kiernan started throwing up. THis time he threw up 6 times!! Until his stomach was MORE than empty. And I now know for sure what sick Kiernan is like (they asked me at the hospital when he had his fever if he seemed himself and I said yes but didn't really know how he would be different). He spent about an hour just lying in my arms awake staring off into space. Poor baby. And it's all the worse because we did it to him!
So, now the challenge is to figure out what formula might work since pumping hurts me and I want to be able to go out. But now we're going to be scared to give him anything for fear this will start again. :(

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