Saturday, December 30, 2006


I think Kiernan was just teasing with his crib naps for a few days there. Maybe he was overwhelmed by Christmas and just needed lots of naps to recover - I don't know, but he's not napping well anymore. There is another factor that could be affecting this I guess which is that he now goes to bed at 7pm... but that's because he's SO overtired by then that he's losing his mind so we just figured that 7 was a good bedtime. Thing is, he doesn't sleep for more than 1:45 minutes almost ever and him being up every hour is driving us mad... plus once Eric goes back to work he won't be able to go every other time (or more lately) anymore. It's awfully frustrating.

I think one of the problems might be the swaddling. We simply can't put Kiernan down without swaddling him - his hands immediately fly to his face and grab his soother or just go up there to be irritating or something so if he's almost asleep, or even asleep, he quickly wakes himself up. So we need to swaddle him for him to get any rest , but, he's big now, and strong and he makes quick work of getting himself unswaddled. So that means that a, he is able to do the punch in the face thing again which often wakes him up, but it also means that we find him with his blankets tossed all over the place, including practically over his face on an occasion or two. There are a bunch of products that are tempting that we might buy, but of course they seem a lot harder to find in canada than they would in the states. The miracle blanket seems like it would be good - even though it seems like we're straightjacketing our child. hehe

For now we are going to try double swaddling him a lightweight pillowcase to see if we can keep houdini in. We WILL persevere! :)

At least the bottle thing is still working and doesn't seem to have been a tease. Today we are going to try to give him formula because I find pumping really hurts me... I pumped for 4 days in a row and everything hurts now even when he nurses and I'm not prepared to have that pain all the time. So now we will start seeing if he'll accept formula in these bottles. keep your fingers crossed.

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