Monday, December 11, 2006

I thought wrong

A couple of weeks ago two things changed, both I thought, were good.

The first was that Kiernan decided that he does like the soother after all and was willing to take it. I figured this meant that he could self-soothe, something I thought would ease my load a bit.

The second is that he stopped nursing to sleep every night. Because he has become such a power eater, and because he isn't always hungry at our designated bedtime, he sometimes just won't eat. So we would put the soother in his mouth and rock him to sleep. Yay, that meant that I wasn't the only one who could put him to sleep.

These two things seem to have coincided with him not sleeping as well at night, and waking up more and more often. I mean, it could be a coincidence and he just has changed - I've heard that babies who sleep their nights can suddenly stop, but it seems connected. The nights that he nurses to sleep completely are the ones he's easier to put down and have stay down. So does that mean I try to go back to that? Blah... I want it back to when he was only up once or twice a night, not every 1-2 hours. (and I also want him not to feel sick anymore)

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