Monday, December 11, 2006

My poor baby

The last 5 or so days have been pretty rough. Kiernan seems to have come down with something... a cold I think. It started with him not sleeping more than 1 or 1.5 hours at a stretch at night, that makes the mommy very tired. Then on Saturday morning he woke up with a fever. We gave him some baby advil and it went down and he was back to normal but by the time the advil wore off him temperature was right back up even higher again. This time we took his temperature (39.1 C) and gave him some more advil. A couple of hours later there was no change in his condition and I started thinking we'd better check if I should take him to see a doctor considering how young he is.
So we called telehealth ontario, which is a service that notoriously tells you to rush to the doctor no matter what the issue is, but I was assured by my mother-in-law that my sister-in-law had recently been given some very good advice that did not involve rushing to the hospital, so I called.
They said "you have to go to emergency, we'll fax ahead the information you've already given us". I asked if we could go to a clinic instead, knowing how long it takes to go to emergency, but no, we had to go to CHEO.
So off we went. We got there around 5 or so and we saw a doctor at 11. that's right, 6 hours of waiting to see a doctor. And we forgot Kiernan's soother! Ack ack ack! But, here is some information for you all to store in your memory banks just in case it becomes useful one day - I asked if they had any disposable soothers (this was around 9 by the way... I need to just remember these things are worth asking at the start) and they did. So that helped since after about 4 hours of sitting around the hospital and getting to his bed time, Kiernan wasn't very happy.
Anyhow, the good news is that the doctor couldn't find anything wrong with him and figures that he's just fighting a cold. She did say that if he still had a fever today I needed to take him back to the hospital though because fevers really are dangerous for babies. Kiernan's temp was relatively high again last night around midnight but seems to be just barely a fever this morning so I'm going to call our family doctor and get advice now. Ah... the adventures of parenthood ;)
As my dad said, it won't be our last trip to emerg ;)

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