Thursday, December 21, 2006

More sleep news

So the sleep thing seemed to really work. Kiernan woke up at 1, and again at 3:30 (Eric got up and got him back to bed) and then again at 4:15 when I fed him (15 minutes before his 3 hours, but he was REALLY hungry and he had a full feed) and then he slept again until 7:30!! wow! That's the latest he ever slept in his room.
So you'd think we'd be having a good day because he's so well rested. Instead he is in a FOUL mood today and it took me forever to get him down for his nap. I wondered if he wasn't tired because he'd slept so much but he was really exhibited all his tired signals. So I finally got him down at 10:45 and I have him swaddled in his crib and have the wave music going so hopefully it'll last.
It's really tiring when he's like this.

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