Sunday, December 24, 2006

Do you see what I see??

Kiernan decided he was hungry yesterday, RIGHT after I'd pumped a bunch of milk. When I tried to feed him anyways he just got very angry - I'm assuming the milk wasn't coming very fast anymore. So, I had Eric warm the milk I'd just pumped back up and *I* tried giving it to him. He took it right away!
I don't know if it's just the nipple that's making the difference - the fact that it's the same as the soothers he sucks on half the day - or what, but it's nice.
Now, the new problem is that he's getting rougher and rougher when he's nursing. He bites, he twists and turns, and it really hurts. It seems like the more he drinks from a bottle the rougher he's getting with me, and that's going to be a definite problem!

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