Thursday, December 14, 2006

Magic mobile

A few weeks ago I visited my friend Karine and then we went and visited her sister and I got to meet her twins. Kiernan was being a bit fussy and they said "put him on the magic carpet" which was essentially a blanket on on their kitchen table under a mobile attached to their chandelier. I figured, what the heck, and put him on it. He was immediately entranced by the mobile and just stared at it for quite awhile. Seemed magical so eric and I went to IKEA and bought the same mobile. We've attached it to the chandelier over our dining room table and it really IS magical. I can lie Kiernan on the dining room table and he'll lie there and watch the mobile for 20 minutes and I can actually get stuff in the kitchen done! Eric puts him there every morning too. And it's the perfect spot to give him his medicine or vitamins. And it was an $8 IKEA mobile!!

In other updates:

- Kiernan's fever is finally gone, after 4 days! He was obviously fighting a cold and he is now coughing more and has a runny nose, but it's much better than mysterious fever!
- Kiernan's new nickname is John Jacob Kiernan yellypants ;) He yells all the time. He's not crying, he's just ANGRY! It's comical when it's not annoying.
- We lost our nights. For quite awhile there Kiernan was only getting up twice a night... he even slept 7 hours straight once. Since I got sick a couple of weeks ago we're back to being lucky if we get 2.5 hours. This is making me REALLY tired. It's making Kiernan really tired too and as a result crankier than usual - which is pretty cranky :)

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