Monday, December 04, 2006

Baby bjorn Baby bjorn

Ok, so my friend let us borrow her baby bjorn to try out with Kiernan because I was going to go to this exercise class where you wear your baby and the maman kangaroo wrap just didn't seem sturdy enough for that. I ended up not going to the class but we started using the bjorn all the time to carry Kiernan around front facing and he seems to really like it. Since we have to give my friend's bjorn back soon I told Eric I wanted us to buy one of our own. He says "ok, but lets get a used one".
Ok, I went to (Vicky has trained me well) and looked up baby bjorn and someone was selling a never used version of the super deluxe bjorn! A regular bjorn is about $100 before tax, a super deluxe one with lumbar support is $200 before tax. There were a bunch of the regular bjorns for sale for about $50 and then there was this super one, never been used!! for $150. Hrmmm... what to do what to do....
We decided that getting the deluxe version for the approximate price of a new regular one, especially one that's never been used was a good deal and we bartered her down to $130 and went and picked it up right away. So we have it and it's great and I spent 30 minutes walking around the house chatting on the phone with Kiernan in it this morning. Yay!

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