Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mommy has colic

Here is part two of my tale of woe with the stomach flu.

I felt much better on Friday and just slept a lot and was able to eat but on Saturday things started to go downhill again. I couldn't eat anything without feeling really sick so I just kept not eating. By about 6 I started having pains in my stomach and I thought "ok, I need to eat, I'm getting hunger pains". Really though, they were the start of gas pains and eating only made them worse!
I was writhing around in agony and it reminded me of my friend who told me that her sister had been having inexplicable stomach pains and in the end the doctors told her that she had colic! And she said "if this is what babies feel, no wonder they cry so much!"
Eric went online to try to find something that I could take to relieve the pain that was still ok for nursing and finally said "the only thing I can see that might work is... gripe water". Well we have that on hand because we used to give it to Kiernan when he was seeming colicky. So... that's what I had. A whole 1/4 cup of it and let me tell you, it is REVOLTING. I don't know if they sweeten it because they think babies will like it or if that's part of the medicinal value of it, but just imagine dill and anise flavoured sugar water.
Once I'd had the gripe water I then though "if this is colic and babies like being held face down when they have colic, I'm going to try that". So my gripe-watered self lay in bed on my stomach and suddenly all was bearable. So there you have it, the gripe water helped, and so did the stomach sleeping and this morning I'm feeling significantly better, though still weak. I'm figuring that's not surprising since I've lost almost 10lbs since Thursday afternoon! Too bad it's not a healthy or permanent way of taking of weight eh? At least there would have been a good outcome from this ordeal.

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