Friday, June 22, 2007

Adventures on the bus

Today Kiernan and I went out to get our on the bus photo for the treasure hunt. If WE can't do it, how can I expect others to, right? :)

I have to say, I love my car, I love my car, I love my car!

First I got all frantic because I was running late. Which made me hot. I hate that feeling. I came inches away from canceling the whole trip! But we didn't.

First we waited for the bus

When that got boring, Kiernan decided to read the paper.

Over all, the whole bus experience left Kiernan a little unimpressed I think. Couldn't agree with you more K-man!

Although we did enjoy all the people gooing and gaaing over the gorgeous baby. Including the woman who said "I would like to see that baby in commercials with a face like that!"

Contest stuff:
- Adventures in Babywearing is giving away a Royal Heinie from Stroller Mama
- Mums the wurd is giving away a Jasper hearts Ren tshirt that is oh so cute.
- BzzAgent is cool. They're about to send me coupons for Sol Beer to bzz about. Summer beer in time for bbq season. And all I have to do is talk about it. I can talk about it :)

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