Monday, June 04, 2007

Treasure hunt - JUNE!

It's time to start the second month of the photo treasure hunt. Woohoo!

I'm happy with how the first month went! We had 20 photos uploaded to Flickr - so cute! Hopefully we'll have even more in June. And the lucky winner of the bibs for May is.... Danielle!!! Congrats!

So now, on to the June categories!

Week of June 4 - in the water
Week of June 11 - black and white photo
Week of June 18 - on the bus
Week of June 25 - in one of those rides for kids at the mall
Alternate - in something (a box, a frying pan, the crib, whatever)

So you have all month to start collecting your photos. Use the alternate if you need to, but it will come up as a main theme eventually and then that month you'll have to use the alternate.

Hope more people will play this month (there will need to be to justify prizes ;). Find out more about the treasure hunt here. Same prize is up for grabs. 2 bibs, made by moi. Same patterns even (next month I'll have ones with different material :) (I'm going to have to really get going on the bib making to have enough for prizes here, and for promotional items for Apples'n'Oranges. hehe)

Here's my 'in the water' photo

Oh disgusting tub, the count-down to your demise has begun! (the new tub comes July 16!!)


Paul N said...

Still not sure about this frying pan thing...

Jenny Blattman said...

Ryan in the tub!

Jenn said...

Jacob in the water!

Vicky said...

Joel in the water