Friday, June 08, 2007

Our sweet little chrono-vampire

Since having had a baby last September I think I must sleep, on average, about half as much as I did before. Wow! Half as much, think of all the extra time I'm up in a day!! All that extra time to make nice dinners from scratch, to keep the house clean and tidy ( a must for a baby that will soon become a toddler), maybe some time to start my scrapbook for Kiernan, or even try to get some work done on my wedding scrapbook. Oh wait, my baby is 9 months old next week and I haven't done any of those things yet ;) My days, weeks, months even, disappear, sucked away by our sweet little chrono-vampire. I really wish I KNEW where all my time goes!

My days are so packed with being with Kiernan; from playing with him, feeding him, getting him dressed, trying to get him to sleep, and trying to find a few minutes to myself that aren't all about being a mommy, that the rest of the day just disappears. And my non-sleeping baby is still up half the night and that's just me being up and tired and dragging along. It probably doesn't help that I've a)also decided to start a business this year and b)discovered the world of mommy blogs (wow can that make a 30 minute nap go by in what feels like 5 minutes. And yes, my baby naps for 30 minutes :P) It'll get easier right? One day? Ok ok, I'll just start getting used to it. For now, guess who just hired a cleaning service? :)


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