Thursday, June 28, 2007

Brain dump time

I now view my life through the eyes of a blogger. As I live, things happen, and I think "how will I blog this?" "is this blogable?" "I must add this to the list of things to blog about". And these things stack up, and I have too much to talk about, and they no longer make eloquent little posts because I think "there is so much to tell!" so that's why I have this brain dumps every once in awhile. Sit back, because here we go. (Maybe I can make this a weekly 'column'. Too bad no day of the week starts with 'b'. haha)

- Kiernan has two words. I think. He definitely has one, and I'm pretty sure he has two. But I think when you only have two words, you use them more than you're supposed to because you realize people respond when you say these words, but they're the only words you know!!! How frustrating.
The one we have for sure is "more". It sounds more like 'mo" and he says it when he wants more of something (food or play) but he'll also just randomly say it. I think he says it for food, which I give him (snacky stuff) and he eats. So hopefully that's what he means :) He said it almost all the way home yesterday and we were overdue for his bedtime milk.
The other word is 'hi'. Which still comes out as mostly "ha" and he says it when he first sees you and he lights up with excitement and just goes "haaa haaa haaaa" sometimes it sounds like "hi" but not as regularly :)

- Kiernan is cruising all over the place. If I thought it was kind of irritating that he wanted to stand all the time, I didn't know how good I had it, because now he wants us to walk him around all the time. Standing and leaning on things and walking himself from toy to toy is not as much fun as practically running across the room mom!! He's going to be walking soon I think. I figured he'd be at this stage for quite awhile, but other moms assure me it probably won't be long now. He stood with no support on the grass yesterday for over a minute straight. Good thing I dug the baby gates out of the storage area this week :)

- Have I mentioned how addicted I am to babywearing? I feel like a broken record sometimes, but I'm always telling people how much I love it. You can win a ring sling if you hurry!! Adventures in Babywearing is having a contest and they're giving away a ring sling today. At noon. From KimzKreations. Hurry!

- I am starting to really dread going back to work. I didn't think that would be me. I really didn't. And I only half dread it really, because I really want to work. Part-time. If only Apples'n'Oranges would make me instant money ;) Anyone want to hire me to do freelance work so I can stay home and make lots of money? Can you really have a career in blogging? Cuz I'd be into that :)

- I never properly disclosed all the information we learned from Kiernan's extra doctor's appointments and testing. He's fine. He has some reflux and his stomach empties slightly slower than average. None of this is anything to be particularly concerned about, or any worse than what we thought. It just was confirmation. We are continuing on the prevacid for now. The good thing that came from all these appointments is that I was assured that Kman is doing well. That he's growing well, that it's fine that he's a bit small, and that I can drop a feed a day from nursing and give him something else. He's drinking some rice milk now, and that's fine as long as he has a well balanced diet. He's still having issues with jarred baby meat, but has no problems with both the lamb and the beef I've made him. SO yay.

- We have thrush. For the third time. It sucks. Big time. We're on an entirely new treatment method this time which hopefully will get it for good. It requires a lot of effort and me taking 4 pills a day. I'm bad at remembering but I'll manage ;)

- More contests. 5 minutes for mom is having a july 4th contest spree (even though they're canadian, I guess more americans are into the whole blogosphere. oh wait, there are probably just tons more of them :) Go check it out. You can win tons o stuff.

- I'm going for a haircut soon, so that'll be all the brain dumping for now. The new blog name and look won't be up before next week, but we're working on it (we being Eric, my husband, is designing it for me. It's nice to have inhouse help isn't it?)


Crazy Working Mom said...

Thrush does suck. My son had it worse than my daughter. He was miserable with it. Hope it gets better soon! :(

You could do PPPs and make a career out of blogging! :)

Linda said...

I really enjoy reading your blog Lara and i´m glad I found it :)

Yes just like Crazy working mom says, you can make a career out of blogging. Tha´ts how I can stay at home and contribute to our household.
Why not try. On my site you can find more info on that. :)

Take care!

Danielle Bennett said...

Hey, you were writing that while we chatted the other!
You are such a multi-tasking, no complaining, hard-working lady that I am sure you will find something you would prefer to do than return to you-know-where. I'll keep my eyes and ears open.