Friday, June 01, 2007

You know you need a date with your husband/partner when...

... you're sick of being told you look really nice when all you've done is combed your hair and put on clothing with no spit up.

It really has come to that, I am now fancied up if there are no snot or spit up tracks up and down my shirt! Imagine if I went to the effort of really doing my hair and putting on makeup!

I finally have some new clothes that fit me, so I could probably even wear something better than maternity t-shirts! :) And maybe we would talk to each other instead of eating dinner while we watch lost, or grey's anatomy!

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When Kiernan and I win the gift certificate I think we will buy the mini frogs (tee hee) and some Vidars, and (uh oh, there are too many fun ones to choose from!) the Simons!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Thanks for linking the contest! I know- so many choices!


dana said...

I never combed my hair after Dawson was born. He was awake all the time. I think that's why I decided to cut it so short!!

Jenny said...

having a baby really has a way of taking personal hygeine to a new low, doesn't it? Great post! Found you via PBN Blog Blast... Good luck! Absolutely Bananas

mama k said...

Showering is an accomplishment with a baby! Forget makeup and a matching outfit.

Found you via the blast. My entry is here

sherry said...

It's so disturbing sometimes when you realize the biggest moments of making yourself presentable included finally remembering to brush your teeth, shaving half of one leg, and pulling your unbrushed hair into a hair elastic with Dora on it! Then again, I'm still wearing pajamas more often than clothes.

I've been enjoying reading the posts for this blog blast as much as I enjoyed writing my own!