Friday, June 01, 2007

That big brain has been working hard!

After my not so positive post last night, I thought I'd post some of the good stuff that's been going on!!

Kiernan is developing like mad. This week alone, I think I've seen him do 20 new things. It's insane.

He now says: dadadada, bababa, gagagoogoo (seriously?!?), mamama (yay!), can click his tongue, makes chewing motions/sounds, and seems to be trying to imitate cat noises when Song sings to him (eric's parents' cat).

He can squirm himself over to things he wants, or pivot himself in a sitting position for better access to what he wants. He can pull himself up with someone's help. He can walk across the room with someone holding his hands. He is trying to pull himself up on toys and furniture and will probably get there soon. Is finally starting to get into positions that would indicate he might actually crawl (I thought he might jump right to walking)

I think I mentioned this before, but he's waving and seems to be getting the sign for more (but sometimes he does it when sitting on the living room floor and I don't know what he wants more of!!) He also knows to wave when you say bye bye, not just when you wave at him.

His new best friend is the cutest baby you ever saw. His name is Kiernan and not only is he in the mirrors in the house, it turns out he's in the mirror in the car, and in picture frames around people's houses, on the fridge, everywhere! He is so cute and Kiernan lights up whenever he sees him ;)

He hugs things he likes (like picture frames that have his best friend in them ;) and stuffed animals he likes, and us! woohoo! cuddles! Sometimes, and this is the most amusing, he lays his head down on whatever, just like one of those cheesy photography shots. So cute!

My little genius is doing so much :)


Vicky said...

For a second there I thought you were going to say his new best friend is the cutest baby in the whole world- Joel! ;)

Yay Kiernan!!!! Kudos for him and all his awesome new tricks.

Tiffany said...

Aww, I can't wait until Ros starts waving. I think he gets that a wave means "bye-bye" but he doesn't get that he's supposed to wave back.