Monday, June 18, 2007

It's sort of like a treasure hunt, but not really, but good for the environment! and fun!

Ok, worst title ever, I know. I have a post in me about naming things that I need to write soon, but I digress.

This Saturday, in Ottawa, is Give Away day. How cool! You put stuff on your lawn and people take it. And you go take their stuff. It's like garbage picking, but not for losers. (oops, hope I didn't insult any regular garbage pickers ;)

I'm really looking forward to going out and seeing if I can find anything cool, and then taking part in a peek inside the fish bowl's challenge to find the coolest thing!

You should play too, cuz if you don't, there won't be any stuff for me to pick through, and that will make me sad. ;)


Vicky said...

Do you want to pick through my garage sale leftovers? Leopard print pillows? Framed IKEA postcards of roses? C'mon, you know you want all my treasures!

Nuzzy said...

But, what if you are someone who doesn't want other people's old stuff?

Lara said...

Then it is simply an opportunity to try to get rid of some crap :)

Mom of a munchkin said...

Wow I've never heard of anything like that. I have to say I would be NO good at it since I basically have a phobia of shopping at garage sales, thrift shops, and second hand stores (I'm just paranoid about where things have been). But it certainly sounds interesting! Oh and thanks for the tip about links!

Nuzzy said...

OK, let me know when you will be in Barrhaven then ;)